Working out with a baby

Mums working out with a baby are everywhere on social media so I decided to give it a go. I needed to fit my workout in my daily routine, so why not include my little boy, right? He is above average when it comes to height and weight for his age, therefore he is a decent weight to use for a workout.

Every baby is different, but they have a few things in common.

  1. They are not aware that they need to be your weight for the workout
  2. They have quite a short attention span as they are easily distracted.

I attempted a workout with my LO and I am sharing my experience. In my working out with a baby routine I included some baby push-ups, baby bench press, baby squats and baby ball throws.

So, what happened?

Setting up the scene

I try to record what my little monkey is up to whenever possible.

Therefore I tried to set up the camera at the best angle etc. The angle was very good for what we were going to do but V decided he needed to check it as well.

The camera destracted him and he wanted to say hello to that other baby on the screen.

Baby Push-ups

I have seen many mums doing push-ups and their baby staying still and smiling back. Not in our case. Maybe I had waited a bit too long for that and should have attempted to do it when he wasn’t rolling around and crawling.

He wouldn’t stay still for a second so I couldn’t do the famous push-ups when you kiss your baby. All I managed to do was a plank for a few seconds, while he was rolling around.

Easily distracted

The TV distracted him while I was trying to hold the plank. He would occasionally look there and wave to say hello to someone on the screen. V is very friendly and waves hello and goodbye to everyone.

I can hear you say, “switch off the TV”. If not the TV he would see a toy or something in the room he would want (see baby squat video).

Baby press

He didn’t like the baby press. Then he waved at someone on the TV again.

Baby squats

What he liked was me holding him and squatting. I bored him with the squats in like a minute. Then the TV got his attention and then he wanted something from the other end of the room.

Another thing when you hold your baby, your hands are holding different parts of the baby body, hence different weight goes to both hands. Also, you engage different muscle groups on both hands trying to juggle him when he moves around.

Baby ball throws

Another thing that he liked was me throwing him in the air. I knew he loved that and laughed a lot but he would get tired and bored before me. Plus, how long before I made a slight mistake and dropped him?


The idea behind working out with a baby is great and maybe you can get a workout out of it. Then it is great. Personally, I would say that it sounds like a myth to me. It is very difficult to do a proper workout with your little one as a weight. As I mentioned above, you are not able to evenly distribute the weight of your baby and you are risking injuring both of you.

How important is working out to me?

As a first time mum over 40, I am determined to stay fit and healthy for my little boy. That means I will find time even if only 15 min a day to do something that will make my blood flowing and raise my heartbeat.

When I gave birth, I started working out after my doctor said I was good to go. It was not a proper workout but more of breathing exercises and slowly getting back to the routine of working out.

How do I find the time?

It will be different to you, depending on how good of a sleeper your baby is, or how long they can play next to you while you are working out. Up until a few weeks ago, I was working out when my little boy was up from his afternoon nap. I knew I had a good half an hour when he would be in a mood to play. 

At present

Now, it will be late after he goes to bed. Or sometimes during his daytime naps. I am not a morning person for working out so the early morning ones are not for me. But maybe you are, then go for it. Get up before your baby wakes up, get it done, and then you have your day free. 

If the weather allows for it, get your baby in the pram and go for a walk, as many as you can. I have been doing 2 – 3 hours walk. That itself is a good workout for the day. Add some squats, some lunges or whatever floats your boat and you have a decent workout.  This is good for when you are not back at work yet, you are a mum staying at home or use it for the weekends.

I hope you enjoyed my attempt to do a workout with my little one.

Latest audio book I would recommend.

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  1. I can resonate with all of this. I’m more of a fan of putting them in a baby pen with their toys or fitting it in when they sleep. I don’t find working out with my kids very enjoyable. X


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