hello world and welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Hi, I am Rossi, welcome to my blog! I am a single mom of a gorgeous little boy, a hearty eater,  fitness devotee, and travel enthusiast. My motto in life is to take one step forward every day!

I have to admit, it took me ages to write this. English is not my first language and writing is not my forte. Yet here I am starting a blog.  Am I ready? Prolonged questions and doubts about that would surely prove useless.

What finally made me start the blog was a motivational quote I read from Marie Forleo saying:

 “The key to Success is to start before you are ready”

I realised that if I were to start a blog, I had to start it now. As a result I took action to get momentum. I stand by the idea that momentum creates success by improving performance.

One of the main goals of this blog is to improve my writing skills and develop confidence in expressing myself. Have you ever had an opinion on something yet could not convey it – then I can relate. I hope I will inspire many of you alongside my path of writing down-to-earth articles.

An essential factor behind the blog is the fact that I am a single mom, who happened to become one when COVID19 took place. Despite the problems I try to make the most of the situation. I lost my job because of COVID19 and to me that meant spending more time with my little boy.

With all the TV channels encouraging you to “do something with your extra time at home” and “learn a new skill”, I am starting this blog to find my voice. I hope that it would encourage many of you to take the next step. Feedback from readers is much appreciated and would undoubtedly help me develop as a better writer.

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  1. Bravo Rossi! Your writing is easy and comforting, and as a busy, tired, mom of three, I feel immediately connected to what you say here. Thank you for this inspiration, and keep going 👏


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