Fit mummy workouts.

My fit mummy workouts throughout November.

They are not many but enough and vary. They are also so versatile that can be adapted for any level and any equipment.

I started the month with a workout in my local box, it was the last day before lockdown 2.0 in England.

Why go to the gym if I have everything at home?

Going to the gym where you work out with like minded people plays an immense role in keeping me on track to achieve my fitness goals. One of those goals is to maintain my strict pull ups.

I was struggling to find the time to workout sometimes as I have a toddler that demands my time and did not want to sleep for too long now. Then what I would do is make sure I stretch. I would turn it into a game so my LO would take part in it as well. For example, the Down Dog stretch is a perfect tunnel for your little one to crawl under you and a good way to improve his way of imagining things.

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It is important to keep moving and maintain the habit of performing workouts that you have built or you are building at the moment. Stay healthy doing the best you can.

As you can see I haven’t done many for the month but it does help with keeping up my strength and flexibility.

The reason I didn’t manage to as many was that my little one started nursery, we had settled in days and it was very stressful. I didn’t expect that it would be so difficult. Maybe one of the hardest things that I have done, to trust a stranger to look after your baby.


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