Daily workouts

My daily workouts throughout September and October were a bit of a mess. I couldn’t follow any program as we went away for a month to visit my parents. I travelled with my little boy on my own for the first time, and it went pretty well, I would say.

I just kept moving and working out whenever possible. Many days I would only do mobility and stretching. Thankfully, I had my essentials with me. The main ones were the resistance bands for stretching and the resistance bands set for exercising at home.


I have put all the workouts in a PDF file and will upload them here very soon, so you could download and maybe add a workout or two to your daily workout routine.

What else could I say, it has been two busy months. I am also building a log cabin in the garden as our place is so packed with stuff that there is no room for my little monkey to walk around now that he’s walking.

All workouts are uploaded on YouTube and Pinterest. Show some love and give us a follow.

My favourite workout was the one from the 8th of September because that was the day when I tested my Power clean for 4 reps. I was pleasantly surprised that I could do 47.5kg. It felt like I could do 50kg for 4 reps if I hadn’t run out of time. My personal best, before the baby, was 65kg at a bodyweight of 63kg.

In conclusion, it is important to keep moving and maintain the habit of performing daily workouts that you have built or you are building at the moment. Stay healthy doing the best you can.


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